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Since 1986

About Us

Telefriend is a non-profit company (non-profit organization) and was started in Pretoria in 1986 under the covering of Hatfield Christian Church.  
Derek Puffett was the founder of the Telefriend ministry, and he and his wife Beryl had pioneered a telephone help-line with a secular-based organisation in 1979 when they lived in Windhoek, Namibia before starting Telefriend.

The service is offered free-of-charge via telephone and WhatsApp.

Through prayer ministry and care, enabling people to strengthen their coping mechanisms, enhancing the quality of life in the community.

Telefriend is now an inter-denominational ministry reaching people throughout South Africa, established for the community as a whole.

The vision of Telefriend is to establish centres as the Lord leads, nationally and internationally.

WHAt sets us apart

Totally confidential
Anonymous contact
We are people who care about people
Reaching hurting people since 1986


To bring people to salvation and wholeness in Christ;
To provide good Christian counsel to all hurting people whatever their religious background or lack thereof;
To develop centres countrywide and internationally;
To provide ministry to the community and thus lighten the load on local church leadership.
Telefriend is a non-profit organisation which has offered a free prayer ministry and care-line service to communities and the nation since 1986. 


Telefriend is a care-line that provides emotional support to hurting people, and brings them into wholeness through the love and grace of Christ Jesus.


We assist callers of any age, background and culture in any area of need. Prayer ministry is given in a wide variety of situations, ranging  from for example depression, AIDS, problem relationships, financial issues and many others.

Understanding Loneliness

Many situations in life can leave us without family, good friends or people we trust around us. This can lead us to being lonely - still desiring connections but due to our stage in life - not having many.

This can drag us down in our emotional state and take away the fullness of what relationships should add to our lives.


Our worth in Father

A question we need to ask ourselves is: "Where do we derive our self-worth from?"

Often it is taken from what we feel about ourselves - our looks, abilities, status, salary, possessions and more.

Or what people tell us we are - no good, a failure, stupid, clumsy and more

Our real worth comes from Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the Cross and how He sees us. Father God's love and acceptance is an unconditional one due to what Jesus has done for us.


BULLIES and their effect

It is a sad reality of our society nowadays, that putting others down and making them feel inferior by bullying them is a common occurrence. 

Children are bullied in schools; people are bullied on social media platforms and bullying even occurs in the workplace

So we need to be equipped to understand how to handle these situations, where and how to get help or assistance so we can lead a fulfilling life.


You are loved

Society tells us we need to be acceptable, to conform to certain norms, to attain certain goals before we are accepted.

Our upbringing may have taught us we need to perform to be loved.

And so we can spend our lives trying to become acceptable and fill the empty part on our inside that asks "Who will love me, just as I am?"

Father God wants us to bring that unmet desire to Him, so He can nurture and love us - unconditionally!



Relationships are difficult and yet they are how we relate to people around us. We can get hurt in relationships by, especially people closest to us – family, friends and even business colleagues and partners

Families can get torn apart when there is conflict between members and so social gatherings become times of stress or are not attended

On social media platforms, we can simply unfriend people - but you cannot do this to flesh and blood. So how can we better manage them?

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We are offering you an opportunity to be a resource to others….

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You could host a Telefriend centre in your city, church or community and help make the difference in the lives of those around you.

Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ

Galatians 6:2


Our volunteers

are trained to assist you

Volunteers have had training in prayer ministry and are waiting to give you the support you need 



We operate from 

9 am up to 9 pm 

 every day of the week

0861 10 63 10

whatsapp 071 674 3788


Chris phoned to thank Telehelpers who assisted him after he found out his wife was keeping a lover half her age. They coached him in how to stop excessive alcohol intake. Chris says that he has not touched alcohol for a while, and thus far - even during the festive season - (by God's divine grace) he has been able to decline offers of drinks at business lunches, appointments and functions!!!!

Jeanette says "Thank you for listening! Sometimes it is just enough...."

Helen phoned to say thank you to Telefriend and the people who prayed with her for her son who has been struggling with alcohol abuse. He has been admitted to a rehabilitation centre, and his employees granted time for him to be restored. They confirmed that his job is waiting for him. 

Edward phoned to thank the Lord for answering the prayers of the Telehelpers when he had a court case coming up. He phoned Telefriend and his case was actually withdrawn the next day. (Isn’t our God such an amazing and awesome God!?)

Sharan says, "Thank you for this ministry! I really appreciate it..."